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An Easy Serving Espresso Pod, or E.S.E. pod, is a small packed coffee disk with a paper filter covering. E.S.E. (which stands for Easy Serving Espresso) is the technology being used to simplify the preparation of a good espresso using just a few simple actions, thanks to the adoption of the “serving” (individual pre-packed doses containing 7 grams of ground coffee that has been pressed and hermetically sealed between two fine layers of filter paper).
Easy Serving Espresso  
      This is one of the reasons why the absolute majority of operators (comprising coffee roasters, espresso machine manufacturers and pod machine manufacturers) are moving towards the paper serving market: a market of enormous development potential that stir up interest among a growing number of operators in several countries. ese pod  
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Francis Francis X1
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From renowned Italian espresso machine maker Francis Fancis and architect Luca Trazzi.

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